i believe in memories. they are powerful and they are important. photography serves as your emotional time capsule: open it and feel those feelings all over again. that rush of nostalgia. that flood of emotion. it’s a tug at your heart. a lump in your throat. a tear in your eye. don’t close them and try to remember. open them and see your memories.

because i believe photography should be printed. this is how it comes alive. it is not for the internet [but ok, put it there]. and it is doesn’t serve to capture likes of your love; it serves to capture the love of your life. it is for your walls and mantles, for your bedside and coffee tables. go on, put it there. literally surround yourself with who and what you love. you’ll be glad you did.

because i believe that photography should be honest. social media be damned. that’s someone else’s life. not yours. it should be completely genuine and completely yours; capturing your truest moments. it’s not always about looking good and smiling for the camera. in fact, it’s almost entirely not that. it’s about putting yourself in the right place – physically, mentally, emotionally. in a place that speaks to you and lights you on fire. find that space in your head and your heart and you will smile forever.

because i believe photography is your visual legacy. it is about today, but it will endure for all your tomorrows. and it will become your yesterdays. it is not just for your lifetime but also many other lifetimes. for those you have not yet met and those not yet born. today will never be again. but you can still keep it forever.

i’m your photographer: part memory maker, part archivist. let’s be bold. let’s be brave. what do you want your future self and your future loved ones to see?