Tailored for Your Family



PopUps are quick and spontaneous, theme-based sessions with little advanced notice and minimal setup. Think mini-session meets flash mob: blending the thrill of the impromptu with straightforward, candid captures for a uniquely engaging experience.


Relaxed, personalized sessions capturing your family’s genuine moments. It’s about authentic smiles and spontaneous fun in a laid-back setting, focusing on the real and heartfelt. These carefuly curated sessions craft memories into photos that truly reflect your family’s unique vibe.


Candid, documentary-style in-home photography experiences capturing the authentic, unscripted moments of family life. They celebrate the beauty of routine, the chaos of daily interactions, and the genuine connections that define the unique story of each family.

Something Epic

Adventurous, outdoor family experiences in stunning locations, capturing moments of exploration, excitement, and bonding. These premium sessions offer unique, memorable stories set against grand landscapes and grander moments, resulting in an epic visual narrative.

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The “Pay What You Want” program offers family portrait sessions on a donation basis. By fostering community engagement and inclusivity, PWYW celebrates every family’s story, ensuring memories are captured and cherished, regardless of financial circumstances.

Bravo Buddies

Get rewarded for sharing the photography you love. With increasing discounts, session upgrades, and special bonuses, Bravo Buddies not only gives you more of what you cherish but also helps friends and family discover it, too. The more you share, the more you save!

Mug Club

Members gain exclusive access to unmatched benefits and special offers available only through the Mug Club, ensuring a premium and exclusive experience with year-round photography opportunities, tailored for capturing life’s precious moments.

Cameras & Cocktails

An immersive photography workshop for parents – with a twist. Offering a blend of technical skills and artistic insight to capture life’s moments at home.

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Jonathan has been our photographer through it all–engagement, covid wedding, baby photos–and hopefully he will be there for all the big moments to come. We love his laid-back style, his artistic eye, and how much he cares about us as humans.

– Melanie & Eden